About The Brand

Awakened Auras Co LLC is a Multicultural Woman Owned and Operated Business in the heart of Downtown Kissimmee, FL. Here at Awakened Auras Co, we specialize in alternative healing modalities and holistic healing. At our location in Kissimmee we supply an array of natural crystals, minerals, herbs, and metaphysical tools. Furthermore, we provide Halotherapy Services as well at our location, with our state-of-the art Salt Cave and Halo generator. Our mission here is to provide healing tools and services to our community and abroad!


The word halotherapy has solved hundreds of thousands of respiratory issues, so it's a sort of our duty to revive where it comes from because it has a splendid History. The story began when a Polish geologist pioneered halotherapy in the 1800s when they found that constant exposure to salt mines improved their complexion and breathing difficulties... Read More

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