The word halotherapy has solved hundreds of thousands of respiratory issues, so it's a sort of our duty to revive where it comes from because it has a splendid History. The story began when a Polish geologist pioneered halotherapy in the 1800s when they found that constant exposure to salt mines improved their complexion and breathing difficulties. The respiratory problems caused under the surface of Earth Led the researcher to think about the issue. Lack of pressure and the worst environment at that time caused Miners severe problems, so Dr Feliks Boczkowski, who was not only a great doctor but also a brilliant businessman, founded and opened the first health resort facility at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839. In world war II, German physician Dr K.H. Spannahel observed that soldiers who hid inside salty caves never felt any respiratory issues. At that crucial time, he declared the cave's inpatient department to conduct further research. With the Evolution of Society, this concept also improved. Soon after, the German physician The underground "Kinga" Allergy Treatment Spa was created in the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine in Poland in 1964, then retitled to the "Kinga" Health Resort Hospital, where Prof. Skulimowski had become its first Chairman and intended to assist people with mostly breathing problems as well as exploring other overall medicinal benefits. The first Halotherapy system was developed in 1985 in Odesa, Russia, by the Institute of Balneology in partnership with salt cavers from Uzhgorod. This gadget simulated the breaking and shattering of salt, dispersing the granules into the air. Following the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, the rest of the globe gained access to knowledge about halo technology and formed Halotherapy procedures. Outside of the USSR, Halotherapy quickly established itself in more industrial and wellness contexts in Eastern and Western Europe, Ontario, Australia, and, lastly, the United States. The saying is cent per cent right "sometimes the problem itself is a creation of Big things". Halotherapy is a new word, but its versatility has a history with the help of which many problems and issues of today's world are solved.